Common answers for the questions you oftenly raised.

How do I change site language to my prefered Language?

By default the site language is “English”. You could change the default language to your preferred language through the “Language drop down”, which is placed at the top bar of the website. The drop down consists with tri-languages; Sinhala, Tamil and English.

According to the selection of yours, the system will localize the site contents except paper contents. This feature increases your understandability towards the system, by serving through your preferred language.

How do I get registered in eXaper?

eXaper offers user registration for free. You could find the “Sign Up” link at the top bar of the landing page. Click on the “Sign Up” link, and you will get navigated to the “Sign Up” page to register yourself in the system. You should follow below criteria in order to register in eXaper.

  • Username should be mandatory and entered Username should be available to use.
  • Email should be mandatory and entered Email should be available to use.
  • Mobile number is not mandatory and entered Mobile number should be available to use.
  • Password should be mandatory and follow the introduced password policy.
  • Retype password should be mandatory and should be equal with the password which is entered by you.
  • “Please confirm you are not a robot”(i.e. Captcha) should be mandatory to provide.
  • Click on “Register” button, it will show either a success message or an error message. For a success registration it will send you an email to the provided email address to verify your email address. By click on “Verify Email Address”, you will direct to the system to log in to the system and you will be asked to insert the password. For a correct password, system will direct you into the system and your email will be verified indirectly.
How do I login to eXaper?

eXaper grants any registered user to log in to the system but restricted for the users who bares “unverified email” address. Therefore it is mandatory to verify your email address prior to “your first login attempt”, by clicking on the “Verify Email Address” link which is coming through the “eXaper Sign Up | Verification” email. In order to login to the system, you just click on the “Login” link which is placed at the top bar of the landing page. You should have to consider following criteria to establish a successful login.

  • Verify your email address prior to you first login attempt.
  • Username is mandatory and should exist in eXaper.
  • Password is mandatory and should relate with the entered username.

For a valid username and password, you will direct to the landing page as a logged user. For an invalid username or password, eXaper will prompt an error message rather than logging into the system.

How do I search papers?

“Search Papers” facility has been provided by eXaper with an “Advanced Search” for any user who tries to find most appropriate papers which aligned with their requirements. Through “Search Papers” buttons in the landing page, you will direct to the paper search area and you could find “Advanced Search” button as well. Click on “Advanced Search” button which will be directed you to another paper-searching page to filter best fit papers for you. On the other hand eXaper offers you “Recommended Papers” according to your “Stream”, “Subject”, “Lesson” and “Language” and system will recommend you papers based on your weakest areas you have to improve.

What are the types of papers, that eXaper offers ?

eXaper offers you “Free Papers” and “Paid Papers”. Under free papers or paid papers, you could find well standardized “Past Papers” and “Model Papers” which created by the recommended tutors. The papers could contain with Multi Choice Question(MCQ), True or False, Fill in the Blanks, Essay and bundle questions.

In which streams, I could find papers ?

eXaper targets on leading examinations in Sri Lanka. You will be able to find and practise online papers for the examinations conducted by government sector like G.C.E. O/L, G.C.E. A/L, Administrative Services and examinations are conducted by private institutes. This system offers you a digitalized experience with the uniformity of the original examination papers.

How do I create my own paper ?

eXaper facilitates you to create your own paper, considering on “Stream”, “Subject”, “Language” and “Lesson”. You could be able to keep practising on question where you are weakest in. You could find “Create Your Own Paper” button at the bottom of the exaper landing page. Click on it, either you direct to login page if you are not logged in or you will direct to “Create Your Own Paper” page if you are a logged user. Using the page you are facilitated to select questions through above stated parameters. Then input the number of questions you need and duration for the question paper. Finally click on “Create” button and you will be directed to the payment page. The payment page will require the needful information to success you purchase.

This feature will assist you to level up your performance in a particular stream in addition.

How do I edit my profile ?

You are required to log into eXaper in order to edit your profile. It is mandatory to verify your email before edit your profile. You could find a “drop down”, which is placed next to your username at the top bar. Click on the “Profile” to enter your profile page. Once you reach your profile page, you could find “Edit Profile” button. Click on the “Edit Profile” button to direct in to the profile edit page in order to edit your profile. Add values for all the required fields and/or add values for non-mandatory fields as well. Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page, to save the values you provided.

How do I get notified with system alterations ?

eXaper is a long term running application, and new features or system alterations will be available in future releases. The user will notify about upcoming features and already released features through emails and system notifications. In addition, users will be notified with new exam papers according to the user preferences. Moreover any circumstance that the system will be restricted on access for maintenance purposes, user will be notified two (2) weeks prior to the date.

How do I logout from eXapers ?

If you are a logged user, drop down will be shown next to your username at the top bar. Expand the drop down by clicking on the username and you could find “Logout” menu item. Click on the “Logout” menu item, in order to logout from the system and system will direct you to the landing page of eXaper

How do I purchase a paid paper ?

You could find the papers list in the landing page of eXaper under “Let's find out what you need” section. Click on “Search Papers” button in order to scroll you down to the above mentioned area. You could find both free papers and paid papers, and click on a paid paper which you wish to purchase. eXaper requires a successful user login as a pre condition.

How do I follow a paper ?

In order to follow a paper, successful user login is required by the eXaper. As a student, you could be able to access to follow any purchase paper through your dashboard under “Purchased Papers” and “Own Papers”. Each paper includes with the “follow link”, and you just need to click on it in order to take an attempt of a particular paper. Once you click on the “follow link” it directs you to the “Instruction Page” of the selected paper. When you are ready to take an attempt, click on the “Start” button to do the paper.

If you wish to purchase a new paper to follow, it requires to search a paper through the paper advanced search in the landing page. At the point of a successful purchase, the paper will be added to your dashboard page and go through the same process as stated above.

How do I evaluate my performance through eXaper ?

eXaper requires, only you to do the papers and your performance will be evaluated automatically. In order to maintain the accuracy of your performance, eXaper will analyze every single data which gathered through your paper attempts. The dashboard will provide you subject wise, module wise, or paper wise performance and and based on that you will be placed on the system leaderboard as well. Based on the performance evaluation, system will recommend you other most relevant papers, you should attempt with. The performance evaluation will depict graphically for better and ease of understanding. Based on the performance evaluation, you could trace your strongest and weakest learning areas and you could focus on more in weakest learning areas. As per the benefit of eXaper, you could be able to create your own papers based on your weakest learning areas.